We are excited to announce that our services updated to a new level focusing to provide the highest active protection in a wildfire incident for our end-users in addition to our advanced software that would add the highest level of value of immediate and valid information.

Our direct and protective services are held as follows:

  1. Prometheus Home Defender is a preventative system with special water and foam sprinklers that combat the threat of wind-borne embers. Your home can never be replaced so we must act in ways that properties will not compromised or destroyed by any type of wildfire incident. The in-time operation of Prometheus Home Defender leads to a fully hydrated environment in all fire zones where embers are unable to cause a fire and protect and save the home property.
  2. Prometheus Community Defender is an active system for a massive protective area that can be established easily and much more rapidly than with traditional sprinkler systems. The system works by removing the heat by cooling the fuels, so ignition cannot start. Remove heat – remove the fire. That’s what Prometheus Community Defender does in large areas with advanced sprinklers that Project water over a massive area, and inject vapor into the atmosphere to create a humidity bubble.
  3. Prometheus Firefighting Defender is an advanced mission that provides in the fire field in remote and cellular-denied areas all the vital information in real-time to first responders and Firefighters. Our Advanced, state-of-the-art software platform data processing with extensive use of Artificial Intelligence, resulted, in accurate, detailed real-time, direct, and valid data, with the ability to predict critical situations focusing on protecting human life.

We are in contact with great partners worldwide to develop further these amazing features, and soon we will make the official announcements.

Stay tuned, great things are about to happen while we work to never happen again the devastating effects of a wildfire.

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