Project Description

The launch of Hercules R2CRM is a groundbreaking event for the wildfire forecasting industry. This new software platform receives high-resolution satellite data and uses AI, deep learning & advanced GIS applications to deliver an accurate 10-day wildfires prevention forecast with 10-meter spatial resolution, providing solutions that have been never before available. The prevention forecast was created by our great partners of and our GIS specialists developed the advanced features of real-time crisis management for first responders, local authorities, and governmental agencies.

The pioneering Hercules Rapid and Resilient Crisis Response Mission will provide next a holistic approach that includes multiple technologies designed to protect humans from threats across the entire spectrum of wildfire risks and would cover all of the needs of the end-users in Prevention, Preparation, and Response, focusing not just to mitigate but minimize the impact on human civilization.

This System will include the world’s first and most advanced Human Arson Activities Detection (HARAD) that would develop the following time.

If you are a representative of Local Authorities Organizations, Governmental agencies, environmental organizations, First Responders, Civil Protection volunteers, or any type of institutional Stakeholder and you’re interested to review for yourself the advanced features of our project, please contact us for a Free Trial version. Not next year, not next period, not tomorrow….. Today!