What a year!
2023 for our team at Prometheus Space Technologies was a thrilling and exciting period!
With hard work and dedication, we achieved:
– selected on Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Climate- Oxford program,
– graduate UK Space Acceleration LEO program,
– we become SEIS & EIS Advance Assurance Venture,
– we are part of XPRIZE global wildfire contest,
– we qualified for the “Create the Future” Design Contest,
– we selected “Elevating founders”  for London’s Tech Week,
– we selected in 2023 Web Summit,
but most importantly,
– we track over 20,000 wildfire incidents worldwide,
– we conduct partnerships with the most advanced and promising wildfire confrontation ventures globally to ensure that we will have the most advanced product that changes the world and revolutionizes how people respond to wildfire crises!

2024 waiting for our team to protect lives, properties, and the planet!

Stay tuned!