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In view of the foregoing, we are calling on you, visionary Local Authorities Officials (especially in Greece and Cyprus), to push the envelope, raise the bar, and be pioneers by using our unique space technology to protect your region against wildfires and build a great vision. We will offer you a free trial of our Wildfires Prevention Forecast for the entire high-risk period to ensure that the devastating effects of the past never recur in your region.

We urge you to avail yourself of the opportunity provided by our free trial, and you will surely love our state-of-the-art- space technology.

Together, we shall protect the world against wildfires.

Global Headquarters: 178 Seven Sisters Road N7 7PX, London, +44 20 8638 0502
Laboratory Facilities: Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Harwell Campus
Didcot, Oxon, OX11 0GD, +44 1865 60 0317
Main Office: Athens-Greece, +30 6951 853 018
Coming Next: New York-USA

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