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Prometheus Home Defender

Your home can never be replaced. The Prometheus Home Defender System is a preventative system with special water and foam sprinklers that combat the threat of wind-borne embers.

Prometheus Community Defender

Prometheus Community Defender is a rapid deployment system that allows a high degree of protection in massive protective areas and sets up in mere minutes and offers incredible coverage.

Prometheus Firefighting Defender

Prometheus Firefighting Defender is an advanced mission that provides in the fire field in remote and cellular-denied areas all the vital information in real-time.

Avenues to protect Lives, Property, and the Environment!

Embers can travel miles and threaten homes long before a wildfire is visible. The system is designed to be turned on when the fire is near homes, well ahead of the fire showing up at the doorstep.
The in-time operation of Prometheus Home Defender leads to a fully hydrated environment in all fire zones where embers are unable to cause a fire and protect and save the home property.

A massive protective area can be established easily and much more rapidly than with traditional sprinkler systems. The system works by removing the heat by cooling the fuels, so ignition cannot start. Remove heat – remove the fire. That’s what Prometheus Community Defender does in large areas with advanced sprinklers that Project water over a massive area, and inject vapor into the atmosphere to create a humidity bubble.

Advanced, state-of-the-art software platform data processing with extensive use of Artificial Intelligence, resulted, in accurate, detailed real-time, direct, and valid data, with the ability to predict critical situations focusing on protecting human life. Extremely important valuable information such as Early Detection, Fire Spread Rate Analysis, and Real-Time Monitoring of fire incidents, are provided immediately in the forest fire field in teams confronting the fire and sending their GPS location to the mission room.

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