Tackling Wildfires with Cutting-Edge Technology! 
We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between TAC Resources and Prometheus Space Technologies to revolutionise wildfire management utilising AI and satellite technology.
 Wildfire Loss in Australia: Australia witnesses approximately 50,000 bushfires yearly, with an estimated 18 million hectares of land burnt annually. These wildfires result in significant property damage, economic losses, and, most tragically, loss of life. We’re determined to make a tangible difference in combatting this pressing issue by harnessing AI and satellite technology.
 About Prometheus Space Technologies: Led by the visionary Eleftherios Plafountzis, Prometheus Space Technologies is at the forefront of leveraging satellite technology for environmental monitoring and disaster management. Their expertise and innovative solutions have already made waves in the industry. Learn more about their incredible work at Prometheus Space Technologies.
 About TAC Resources: Guided by the visionary leadership of Lydia Halim and Troy Cuff, TAC Resources has remained steadfast in its commitment to tackling critical safety concerns and resource shortages. Embracing a culture of innovation and sustainability, TAC Resources is dedicated to revolutionising wildfire detection and management through cutting-edge technology. Explore their journey at TAC Resources and Troy Cuff.
 Key Partnerships for Success: In this collaboration, both companies are merging their expertise to scale up the wildfire detection model, primarily focusing on Australia. Australia faces staggering wildfire losses annually, with statistics revealing devastating consequences for communities and the environment. With this partnership, we aim to mitigate these losses and enhance disaster response capabilities significantly.
 Expanding Horizons: We’re thrilled to share that Prometheus Space Technologies is gearing up for expansion into the Asia-Pacific region, with recent successful fundraising efforts from UK-based investors. This expansion will further bolster our regional wildfire management and environmental monitoring capabilities.
 Meet Our Advisor: We’re also pleased to introduce Noel Png, Satellite Remote Sensing Advisor who was introduced to the team through the UK Space Agency entrepreneurial scheme in conjunction with Entrepreneurial Spark. His expertise in Satellite constellation design and government advisory in Asia will be invaluable in guiding our efforts towards effective wildfire detection and management for regions within Southeast Asia