In an exciting and visionary collaboration, Prometheus Space Technologies and RoGO Communications have joined forces to bring advanced satellite communication technology and comprehensive solutions to the field of wildland firefighting. This partnership aims to develop a comprehensive communications and wildfire predictive behavior solution that will revolutionize tactical efforts in wildland firefighting. At the heart of this solution is the integration of real-time fire weather sensors, providing invaluable data to inform fire incident management.

With the increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires, there is a critical need for advanced technologies and effective communication systems to combat this growing threat. The partnership between Prometheus Space Technologies and RoGO Communications is a major step forward in addressing this need. By combining their respective expertise in wildfire prevention and satellite communication technology, these two companies are poised to make a significant impact on the field of wildland firefighting.

Prometheus Space Technologies, a leader in advanced technologies for early detection and prevention of wildfires, has partnered with RoGO Communications, an innovative leader specializing in satellite communication technology for seamless connectivity in remote areas. This powerful alliance combines Prometheus Space Technologies’ expertise in AI-enabled sensor analytics, drone systems, and satellite data with RoGO Communications’ satellite communication capabilities, creating a comprehensive solution for wildland firefighting. The objective of this partnership is clear: to provide more informed and communicated tactical efforts in the challenging field of wildland firefighting.