Prometheus Space Technologies Limited is a Deep Tech Space Startup that designs and creates modern technology to prevent environmental disasters from happening and help create a safe world for all.

Currently, we launch our sophisticated software platform that prevents wildfires using high-resolution satellite data, Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and advanced GIS.

Our target is to reach global sales and be leaders in the Environmental Risk Management market segment.

We want to expand and establish an amazing London-based team and officially operate in the Greek ecosystem as well.

We need passionate C-level executives and directors as our co-founders to rise the bar and eliminate the barriers we have in front of our path.

If you believe that you could amaze us, and you are determined to contribute to fulfilling our vision and benefit humankind and change the world, we will be thrilled to discuss it with you. To make this happen, you can apply for:

London Headquarters
Sales Director
Marketing Director

Director of Finance
Head of Marketing
Sales director

Also, you can send your CV and your cover letter to