Prometheus, Artedys team, and other great world’s Blockchain players are working on a new climate marketplace where they digitize the tokens of important data space like methane, carbon, radiations, temperatures plus carbon footprint, environmental footprint, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, climate events, and so on. We are developing the blockchain platform right now, and the White Paper will be soon available.

This advantageous blockchain project planning to release several dApps every month in 2023 and we are looking for feedback to match our products with the definition of end-users specific needs.

You can test the blockchain app here and we love to receive your feedback at

In this app, Artedys and our blockchain experts put the end-users wallet in the center, and then, they have the privilege to vote in a decentralized manner to allocate funds or decisions. That’s the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) process. The second application put the wallet in the center, then, we insert and use satellite data in the blockchain by opposing actual central authorities who put their data in cloud services.

The end-users will check our future dApps based on what they propose and how their need base app as a dedicated solution to their problems works as planned.  The unique feature of this process is that the R&D and the dApps creation would be according to the precise understanding of end-users specific problems.

So, the Climate X Blockchain platform will work by a) putting the end user’s wallet first and b) letting him vote in a DAO, and c) putting the satellite data in the blockchain instead of any Cloud services.

Based on this simple, but advantageous approach, we love to hear, connect, discuss, and clarify this technology to anyone who wants to be a pioneer. You can see here the official website announcement.