We are thrilled that participated last week in Catastrophic Wildfires Prevention Radical Collaboration by CrowdDoing. This project is an Alliance for Wildfire Net Risk Reduction Strategy for systems change and has gathered impressive stakeholders, including Academia such as Yale University, Columbia, Cardiff University, startups, and large organizations, scientists, and professional experts.

Strategically, the Alliance’s aim is to help the communities in each region we work on,  to diversify their portfolio of approaches to achieve net risk reduction of catastrophic wildfires and the air pollution associated with them. These approaches include: (1) drought reduction; (2) fuel load reduction; (3) ignition reduction; (4) early detection and early intervention. These risk reduction approaches are designed to harness under-utilized opportunities to prevent wildfires from starting in the first place and to slow fires that do start so they can be stopped before they spread exponentially.

All of the recent wildfires’ devastating effects were just a warning of the threats that come globally unless each region is able to dramatically evolve its strategy to increase fire prevention in addition to mitigation. This proposal briefly describes the threat posed by wildfires, the opportunity for collaborative investment in a national-wide prevention strategy, what this strategy would look like, and what institutions will need to be involved to implement it.

This is an amazing opportunity through collaboration level to manage to provide a vital solution in wildfire prevention for the first time globally at that scale!


We strongly believe that the best is yet to come!