Our CEO, Mr. Eleftherios Plafountzis presented our revolutionary new platform to address one major crisis after another in just hours-time with ease and efficiency!  With this incredible technology, we can save lives all around the world while also improving environmental disaster prevention forecasts as well by providing an instant solution that has never existed before now…

The global wildfire crisis is a serious problem that requires urgent attention. Our technology created by our great partners at Quiron.digital and developed by our GIS specialists, could help solve it by using space-based sensors to detect fires before they grow and spread, giving firefighters time enough for Response & Extinguishment (R&E). This would save millions in damages as well million of lives!

Eleftherios during his presentation demonstrates that Prometheus is more than just a space startup: it’s an environmental pioneer that paints a picture of the future with incredible detail!

The future is now, and it’s beautiful!

Prometheus offers a profound vision of the world that we can strive towards together. We mitigate climate change effects with our technology because not only do we help save lives but also protect Earth for generations yet unborn – all thanks in part to Prometheus’ environmental pioneer status as an innovative space startup company dedicated to painting this picture-perfect scenery you see today through incredible detail that provides the best solution globally in environmental disasters prevention forecast.

Not just we are what the world needs on the bad days, yet, we are more than this: We work hard in the present to create a world without bad days!

This presentation was an eye-opening experience for everyone in attendance, as demonstrated how this mission could help humankind and change the world!

Keep your eyes peeled, we have more impressive work ahead!