We’re Prometheus Space Technologies, a Deep Tech startup that designs and develops modern technology to prevent environmental disasters from happening. We want our planet’s natural resources protected for future generations – not just now but into the centuries that will follow. We work towards creating a safe world for all by developing environmentally friendly solutions like our latest project Hercules.

This is a historic time for fire forecasting! We just introduced the most advanced software platform globally, which has already changed wildfire preparedness across all industries. This new system can provide accurate 7-day forecasts with 10-meter spatial resolution using AI and deep learning technology that were never before available – such as the accuracy of this system that is so precise that it can detect an imminent threat in a 10 meters x 10 meters area, far beyond any existing models. (While the closest competitor provides coverage of 1Km x 1km area…)

This means we’ll be able not just to save more lives from fires, but to protect the environment, protect our planet for generations yet unborn, reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate Climate change effects. This is a huge step towards meeting our vision which is Prometheus to be “what the world needs for the bad days”!

Hercules Mission is the most comprehensive service that will cover every aspect of climate change effects mitigation and reducing wildfire threats globally. The Hercules fully mission operation is described in the following infographic:

This advanced prevention forecast could benefit at the most Governmental Agencies, Environmental Organizations, Fire Dept., Civil Protection, Local Authorities, and Private Insurance companies.

With our commitment to providing the world’s best services in Wildfires mitigation risk management, we are open to partnerships and collaborations that will help us deliver benefits faster, more advanced, and completed.

For further information related to our technology, and for proposals discussion, you can contact us at info@eo-prometheus.space