What actually means “Black Dot” case in the Prevention Forecast?

The Prometheus team has developed a ground-breaking innovative software platform designed for real-time crisis response management at a global scale with unparalleled speed, agility, effectiveness, and resilience with the ability of a 10 days wildfires prevention forecast in high spatial resolution, and the ability of the precise pointing of the imminent threat in GPS accuracy!

In real case scenarios, we demonstrated that magnificent technology in last’s summer Wildfires case of Partnitha mountain in Athens-Greece.

The algorithms of the historical data that were processed from our great partners at Quiron Digital, extracted a BLACK DOT Incident at 38Β° 7′ 34.511″ N, 23Β° 49′ 9.050″ E  (38° 7′ 34.511″,  23° 49′ 9.050″) on JULY 3th, indicating that at this precise point we would have a wildfire incident in a rate of more than 95-97%. This means that we provide the exact point of threat in more than sufficient time to react. (You can see that on the left side of the screen of the Thermal Threat Analysis in 10m Spatial Resolution of the Parnitha mountain area).


The actual event DID happen on August 3th at 13.15 pm, exactly as appeared in the right area. So you can realize for yourself what exactly means the black Dot on the map and what is in the real events.


The overall Prevention forecast of the area with all the black dots is stated in the following High-Resolution satellite imagery:


And the final devastating effects of the Parnitha Wildfire event were the following:



As you realize, if the Hercules R2CRM project was in effect last summer, the impact of the Parnitha wildfire effect would be reduced by a large factor of over 90%. The impact would be the minimum and total manageable from the first responders and the Fire Department of Greece.

The same could happen this summer as well. Over 200 incidents have occurred so far and the prevention status was the minimum available without having any capability to mitigate the effects.

Definitely, if the decision-makers were more visioned and had the willingness to work focus more on the future, and stop keep working using the means that were available previous 30 years ago, the results wouldn’t be the same…

Fortunately, we bring the future – today – and we provide a groundbreaking solution that will minimize the wildfire’s impact globally, will mitigate Climate change effects, and will reduce CO2 emissions generated from wildfires globally.

We protect the environment, we save human lives, and protect our planet for generations yet unborn!

Stay tuned and follow us to see how we will benefit humankind!