Today, June 29th,  at the 2nd Athens Sattelite and Industry Summit, we presented our pioneering software platform operations for the first time publically.

Prometheus CEO, Mr. Eleftherios Plafountzis stated:

” Many people consider us just a startup venture. The truth is that we are Environmental pioneers that paint an accurate picture of the future to prevent the worst from happening and benefit humankind”.

In our efforts to create a great vision, change the world, and benefit humankind according to our mission, we make an offer to contribute the most to this summer period’s wildfires mitigation need.

We ask for visionary Local Authorities Leaders within Greece and Cyprus, to be determinant, push the envelope, raise the bar, and be pioneers by using our unique space technology to protect their region against wildfires and build a great vision!

We will offer a totally free trial of our Wildfires Prevention Forecast for the entire high-risk period to ensure that the devastating effects of the past never recur in their region!

For anyone interested in this offer, please contact