Project Description


Our partners until Q1/2025 will complete the development of the breakthrough system for fighting wildland fires.  This system will be used with helicopters and drones to drop a proprietary foam for up to 8,100 feet of fire line compared to the 600 feet to 900 feet that are currently dropped by helicopters and air tankers. This system takes the 2,650 gallons of water dropped by a Heavy Lift Helicopter in 3 to 8 seconds converts it and drops 50,000 cubic feet of foam per minute for over 16 minutes. This system will provide significantly increased effectiveness to suppress fires and protect lives, homes, and businesses in their path. The goal is to increase fire extinguishment capabilities and reduce civilian and firefighter injuries and property damage on the ground.

Our helicopter-based wildland firefighting system can replace 14 C-130 air tankers used today and become by far the most effective and cost-efficient system in the world of wildland firefighting.  Our System in one day can put in 35 miles of fireline in a 10-hour period. A C-130 in a 10-hour period will only lay down a 2.5-mile fireline. So were 14 times more effective than air tanker drops. That’s not only more effective, but it’s also much less expensive in fighting these wildfires.

Prometheus proudly provides this pioneering product that will change the ways that confront wildfires worldwide in Europe.

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