Project Description



Your home can never be replaced. The Prometheus Home Defender System is a preventative system with special water and foam sprinklers that combat the threat of wind-borne embers.

Embers can travel miles and threaten homes long before a wildfire is visible. The system is designed to be turned on when the fire is near homes, well ahead of the fire showing up at the doorstep.
The in-time operation of Prometheus Home Defender leads to a fully hydrated environment in all fire zones where embers are unable to cause a fire and protect and save the home property.

We use highly efficient sprinklers that create artificial rain to “control” the weather and reduce the heat. The one who “controls” the weather owns the fire, and this is what we do at your property.

Our system covers all the zones of fire threat and sets the home defence of our end-user.


We use the revolutionary TS FireBlock™  inert liquid that has little color and is almost transparent. The liquid TS FireBlock™ can be hand-sprayed, power-sprayed, painted, or airdropped onto a target. It cures over 12-24 hours depending on weather conditions, and the result is a 90-minute fire barrier.

We hand-spray the TS FireBlock™ in properties at pre-arranged times to get the best preventive results. We use the material with the high-pressure sprinklers before any type of embers or fire reaches the property, and we create an artificial rain up to 100m from the property to ensure that any threat will never reach nearby.  We combine the spray with water, to have effective results for a long period of time until help arrives.

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