Project Description

In July 2013, 19 firefighters lost their lives in the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona, and hundreds were injured or fell during wildfire confrontations worldwide.

Prometheus and great partners have worked tirelessly ever since, to prevent this from happening again.

Prometheus Firefighting Defender is an advanced mission that provides in the fire field in remote and cellular-denied areas all the vital information in real-time. The advanced, state-of-the-art software platform data processing with extensive use of Artificial Intelligence, resulted, in accurate, detailed real-time, direct, and valid data, with the ability to predict critical situations focusing on protecting human life. Extremely important valuable information such as Early Detection, Fire Spread Rate Analysis, and Real-Time Monitoring of fire incidents, are provided immediately in the forest fire field in teams confronting the fire and sending their GPS location to the mission room.

The products that help firefighters to perform best, reducing the risk of hurt in action, and developed by our great partners at ROGO FIRE LLC are

  1. PROMETHEUS FIREFIGHTER REMOTE FIELD COMMUNICATION SYSTEM (COMMUNICATOR)Prometheus in a great partnership with RoGo Fire, develops an advanced satellite-integrated communication solution including devices and software designed to enable wildland firefighters to communicate and access data in remote areas where cellular service is unreliable or not available. With this advanced product, the Prometheus Fire Guardian is able to provide accurate and valuable information directly to the Firefighter team leader in any fire incident everywhere. 
  2. PROMETHEUS FIREFIGHTER TEAM GPS LOCATOR (GPS LOCATOR)Prometheus in a great partnership with RoGo Fire, develops an advanced GPS system that detects and tracks the exact position of the firefighter personnel, vehicles, and points of interest in remote areas in a way that the team leader and the remote mission control leader, will know exactly their location. 


    Prometheus in a great partnership with RoGo Fire, develops an advanced device that is able to provide the exact weather data in extreme detail, especially the wind speed and direction at any level of change behavior. With the precise weather and wind forecast, Prometheus Fire Spread-Rate Analysis is detailed and extremely accurate. 


    The revolutionary TS FireBlock™ is an inert liquid that has little color and is almost transparent. The liquid TS FireBlock™ can be hand-sprayed, power-sprayed, painted, or airdropped onto a target. It cures over 12-24 hours depending on weather conditions, and the result is a 90-minute fire barrier.

    This game-changing technology is non-toxic and hence, can be directly sprayed on firefighters’ uniforms, clothing, and equipment to prevent and protect themselves from any fire threat they will face on their mission.

    TS FireBlock™ distributed by Prometheus and created by our partnerstitan 1 logo

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