Project Description

Hercules Earth Observation mission visualize and quantify any differential status to detect efficiently Climate change using among others, Thermal infrared as has recently piqued scientists’ interest in determining the surface temperature of our planet.

Prometheus Space Technologies’ vision is the protect our planet and build a more sustainable future with a reliable source of Earth Observation data.

The Hercules mission’s high-frequency, high-resolution photography assesses health and damage across ecosystems globally, highlighting conservation possibilities even in the most remote locations.

Prometheus Space Technologies’ efforts to preserve the environment and its resources include the following:

Changing analysis as time passes and new circumstances emerge.

Environmental impact detection and analysis caused by natural catastrophes, human activities, or climate change, such as coral reef damage, floods, droughts, or landslides.

Monitoring land use and detect illegal activity

Identify and track deforestation, illegal harvesting, and land use over large areas of interest in detail.

Wildfire prevention and control.

In-time imagery can help scientists, first responders, and researchers examine active wildfires as well as affected areas to mobilize rescue and recovery resources more effectively. You can see more information about wildfire prevention on the Disaster prevention topic.