While we worked hard in semi-stealth conditions for quite of time, our efforts reached an important and most valuable milestone: Our working demo that would present our technology will be finally ready very soon.

The interest we received in our technology development is great such as the impact that we intend to create.

We are thrilled to invite global stakeholders to see for themselves the capabilities of this mission and the benefits that could have on wildfires confrontation, and mitigation worldwide!

The mission name was adapted according to our vision and the actual match to our brand positioning as PROMETHEUS FIRE GUARDIAN Rapid and Resilient Crisis Response mission.

This advanced Earth Observation Mission for wildfire Risk Management includes up to 13 IPs and own technology development in innovative products such as:
– Prometheus Fire Tracker, Own Design Hybrid Real-time wildfire Tracking and Monitoring System,
– Fire Real-Time Tracking System with Heat Map analysis,
– Wildfire Spread-Rate analysis,
– Firefighter team GPS field locator,
– Firefighter team operational communicator.
Furthermore, additional impressive functions and an impressive amount of data, are immediately available based on end-user precise needs.

We are thrilled and excited to discuss and present this further to any stakeholder who wishes to be on board with our humankind-beneficial vision that will change the way people respond to wildfire crisis situations.