We are all so proud to have achieved this amazing milestone in our product development. The Hercules Rapid and Resilient Crisis Response Mission (R2CRM) Beta Minimum Viable Product, with marvelous features for wildfire prevention is ready to be tested by end-users and presented to Governmental and Environmental organizations.

The Hercules R2CRM Beta MVP takes into account vegetation status and slope characteristics among other variables such as meteorological forecasts or human influence in order to provide accurate readings on air quality remotely. It has built a model that takes 12 different factors into consideration, delivering an expert 7-day forecast with 10 meters’ spatial resolution!

Our team at Prometheus,  our great partners at Quiron Digital, and the world top scientists that would be announced soon, create and by testing our innovative AI technology, Deep Learning, and advanced GIS features we were able to achieve a success rate greater than 90% and improve resolution up by 800x. We also managed 150% better vegetative indexes with just one season!

Our team is not satisfied with just punching in data and crunching numbers. We take a more human-centered approach by mapping 10 million hectares of forests to create algorithms that are suited for dynamic environments like these ones today’s climate happens upon us all too often. That’s why we develop technology with transparency rather than endless papers and statements.

Our model paints a picture of the future with incredible detail, showing you what’s going to happen next week. The resolution is so high that it can even tell us about individual trees in forests!

We’re constantly striving, to create a better tomorrow today! We are committed not only to designing these amazing innovations, but also making sure they come at affordable pricing so everyone has access!

Stay tuned, more amazing information is following!